This Is Anfield

"This Is Anfield" to płyta wydana w lipcu 2002 roku przez Liverpool FC. Zawiera 20 przyśpiewek prosto z magicznej twierdzy klubu. Udostępniamy Państwu wszystkie nagrania do ściągnięcia.
This Is Anfield (plik rar)


The 12 Days of Christmas
The Best Behaved Supporters
The Blaydon Races
The Bluenose Bastards Aren't the Champions Anymore
The Bow-Legged Chicken
The Boys in Red
The Green Green Grass of Home
The Irish Rover
The Laughing Policeman
The Men from Anfield's Spion Kop
The Reds Are Coming up the Hill
The Rocky Road to Wembley
The Scarf My Father Wore
The Soldier Song
These Boots Are Made For Walking
This could be
This Old Man
Those Were The Days

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